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Dear members,

We’d like to apologize for any inconvenience that we may cause you during the following week. Our website will be undergoing some changes as we work to update you with some amazing news. From day one, our mission has always been to ensure that we did everything we can to provide our clients with the most competitive rates for today’s hotels, so that you don’t have to overspend when booking your next vacation or business trip.

In doing so, we also want to guarantee an exceptional experience when using our website. We’ve received and reviewed some feedback from our clients over the years, and we think it’s time to put your recommendations, suggestions, and requests into action. We’ve gone above and beyond to completely redesign and rebuild our website from the ground up. Featuring a brand new signup process, booking engine, and a bunch of new functions, our new website is specifically designed to provide you with better support and the best experience each and every time you pay us a visit.

We’ve also changed our name to Travelaya! We will send you an email once we’re live. Please keep an eye open for our email.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and we can’t wait to hear how much you enjoy our new website.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our support team

Best regards,

Eric Damier, Founder & CEO



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